Monday, January 30, 2006

DPPstore brings you the BEST in eBooks

We are focusing on bringing you the BEST in eBooks from Independent Authors and Presses!

So, while we sift through mountains of eBooks...keep checking back to see how our selection is expanding.

We are book people, not just eBook people. We want to provide Quality foremost (and quantity will follow).

Come on in to DPPstore and read for yourself!

Stocking Bookshelves One EBook at a Time

We at DPP wanted you to know about our current authors and have the opoportunity to read the eBooks that we have published thus far.

Now, we are working with additional Authors as well as Small Presses to create an eBook store exculsively featuring Independents.

We are delivering eBooks by Independent Authors and Presses for Independent Readers and Thinkers.

Check back often to see how our selection broadens as we find new partners.

(See sometimes my blog is almost proffesional)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fun with Stock Photos for the DPPress Website

While hunting for royalty free stock photos to use on my publisher's website... I came across a fantastic source for off the wall photos:

Geek Philosopher

This one looks like George Burns dressed up as Carmen Miranda.

We are revamping the DPPpress website so there will be continuity with the DPPstore website.

I always loved the poem, "When I am an old woman, I will wear purple."

This woman has that down. She's wearing purple (or maybe it's pink). My new mantra.... "When I am an old woman, I will smoke Cubans."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

DPPstore Staff Knows How to Rock the workplace

A little evolving office tradition is the dance break

This was Nicky's pick for a dance break song this morning. She was feeling rather theatrical:
Take Me Or Leave Me - RENT soundtrack
Nicky is very professional, and a lovely woman.

It's all the better when you see her cut loose in her well tailored jacket, and nine-west boots.

I am feeling inspired! Thanks Nic!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Latest Creation

This is the new business card I created today for people I meet on the street... To tell them where to go buy eBooks. I am very affable. I meet people all the time & they like me. I like eBooks. I think they'll like eBooks too.
Fun with Photoshop. I am turning into a REAL geek now... soon, I'll be able to join the geek union.


Shoppers are buyin'
What Authors are supplyin'

And the DPPstore goes on

I find little glitches
in various nitches

And the DPPstore goes on

book-lover's heaven

The DPPstore goes on and on.