Monday, November 21, 2005

Another Day in Paradise

We have moved into our new offices in beautiful, downtown Palm Springs, CA. I am astonished at the way the right office can make you feel so official. It's an old Frank Lloyd Wright design. Lots of outdoor space, light, and all that outdoorsy hoo-ha. I have been plugging away relentlessly to give you book lovers something pretty to look at when you stop by DPPSTORE. I'll even post some blog photos of our new office view, when I get time (time is a funny concept, it may take me a while to get it...)
We're right above Starbucks, kitty-corner from Coffee Bean, and across the street there is a little independent named Peabodies. Ah, coffee everywhere...I will be working tirelessly at last. Keep checking back for updates. I would love to hear your feedback on the current layout of the store, ease of navigation, content, etc. I will keep you informed of our progress.


Friday, November 04, 2005

A New Store is Born

The Grand Opening for the DPPStore is set for January 1, 2006.

However, we put up the shell of the store site to begin experimenting with various settings and make sure that it is all ready to roll on the big day.

I was coming out of my skin with excitement to learn that we had people trying to purchase books as of day one!

We aren't linked to anything, there wasn't even any metadata...I guess they just want what we've got enough to find us even when we're still hiding under a rock.

For those intrepid explorers that stumble across us here and now....Welcome to the future of digital publishing!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hi-De-Ho Book Lovers!

Welcome to the DPP Store blog...I am the webmaster...fear me....or at least my bad puns. Ok, so I'm not really scary...execept my morning breath, then WHEW!

I will be posting here to let you know about all of the developments of the DPP Store - an online bookstore dedicated to digital content - opening January of 2006

I would love to get your feedback on content, format and just about anything e-book, or geek-speak.

Come Back Soon Y'all!