Saturday, November 25, 2006

What else? Gratitude.

Its been an unreal amount of time since my last blog entry. DPPstore has been growing in leaps and bounds. It looks like we should soon pass the 1,000 eBook milestone.

Gratitude is on my mind with the recently deceased bird making passage through my intestine. I can hardly begin to think of how much I am grateful for... because it makes me sound like a sap, and I pride myself on being a cynic.

The growth of DPPstore over the last year has blown my mind. So many authors, and independent publishers have contributed to our evolution from a tiny little eBookstore to a home for the Independent Spirit that has always defined us.

(An aside for my waxing philosophical, because this was written in the wee hours) eBooks have provided an opportunity for a bottom up democratization of publishing. They have allowed an unimaginable widening of voices reaching the marketplace. Readers now have the opportunity to vote with their dollars, removing the patronizing editorial process as the middle man that has for too long told writers and publishers that we must strive to reach the least common denominator to tap the greatest market. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this movement.

The mechanics of eBooks and eCommerce, and eMarketing have become a part of my very DNA.... (my Don't kNow Anything)... In this last year, I have had the pleasure of discovering how little I know about how much. I am grateful that DPP is never dull.

Most of all it is the people; the afore mentioned authors and publishers, the staff of DPP, and the readers that make my job such a joy. Thank you all for your participation & contributions to DPPstore & Happy ThanksGiving!