Friday, April 07, 2006

Free eBooks at DPPstore!

DPPstore is committed to offering our customers all that we want when we go eShopping.

My first thought is, give me something FREE. A sort of shopping apertif to wet my appetite.

DPPstore has created a FREE section where you can download content to your heart's content. (terrible puns, my favorite)

We are working diligently on converting some of the great classics titles from Project Gutenberg to .PDF and .LIT form eBooks:

Little Women was the first of many to come. Our goal is to have 100 free titles by mid-summer.

DID I MENTION THAT THESE eBOOKS ARE FREE!!!!???!!! Happy eBook Shopping!


Anonymous said...

I went to your website after reading that Penberthy's book was free...but on your store it's not -it's $6.95. You might want to say that on your blog...or take the price off the book.

Catherine of DPP Store said...

I apologize!!

I did not update my blog when that change was made. Thank you for pointing out my folly.

Did you have an opportunity to check out our other FREE titles?


Catherine of DPP Store said...

Penberthy is no longer FREE ...

Check out Crystal Ordonez; She is offering her "Alienation Victim" title for free, but this generous offer may not last forever!