Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Book Expo America 2006

D.C. is full of people doing interesting things and wearing sensible shoes. I like that city.

The Convention Center in Washington D.C. was the site of Book Expo America, 2006.

Book Expo America is the opportunity for all of the publishing industry insiders to get together and promote, amuse, and schmooze each other.

It is open to the public, and many attend for the FREE books ... I made the rounds on the floor myself ... and shipped a few boxes home.

The experience of being immersed in all that is books for three days was well worth the long flight in coach with the basketball player's knees firmly embedded in my back for six hours and nothing to eat but jerky ... I guess you really are what you eat after awhile.

More to the point, this trip was phenomenally successful for the DPPstore. We will be stuffing our e-shelves full as fast as our e-staff can e-manage. We are truly on the road to housing the best collection of eBooks by independents anywhere.

So I am off to burrow into my work and hunker down for the summer.

I have many exciting developments in the works that I will tell you about in the coming months as the specifics unfold.

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