Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Social Networks - How do you use your profiles?

Someone recently posed an interesting question in one of my online communities:

Do you participate in more than one social media site? Do you use one for business and another for personal discussions?
I find myself editing the slap happy nature of my comments on Linked In slightly more than my Face Book side...ok, a lot more. I don’t usually tell my Linked In posse about how I had to fire the lady I was using for waxing my mustache because she seemed all too happy when I would squeal - it’s good to enjoy your work, just not that much. And I try not to bore my FB friends with details about how the future of data storage is filled with Petabytes of data that must be mined and culled for what represent actual value and what is just unnecessary filler… how the data monster will soon begin swallowing us all. How much of your day do you spend creating value and how much time just managing past value? Blah Blah…followed by diatribe. As for the fundamental piece of me that is me, my voice when I write… I carry that wherever I go, and hopefully don’t offend too many people along the way.

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