Monday, December 05, 2005

New Offerings & Store Opening

Harold R. Miller, P.I. and detective novelist will be offering his books in e-book form at our store.

I love a good detective novel. I can just hear the narled voice of the narrator, dry from one too many Pall Malls. The bad guys are so bad, the good guys are good...but never in a saccrine way. There is always something dark around the edges of the hero, that he can almost empathize with his adversary, but his ultimate decency compels him to act on behalf of the innocent and weak. Very satisfying, if none too complex.

My excitement is growing as opening day approaches. I feel like we've been in Spring Training forever and I know our team is going to make it to the world series! I am chomping at the bit to see your reaction to our offerings, our store, and our customer support team.


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