Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Not Reading eBooks Yet?
As I entered the world of eBook publishing, I got feedback from many of my friends doubting the joys of reading digitally.

"I like the way a book feels and looks, even the way it smells. I like turning pages and bending back the cover on a paper back novel," protested one friend.

Technophobia is becoming less pervasive as more and more people enter the digital domain. Even my 10 year old had to save up money to buy an Ipod. But still, some people can't imagine snuggling down to read in their favorite cozy chair with an eBook. It is difficult to grasp how easy it can really be, or the added features that eReading has to offer.

eBooks let you search text... This is not just cool with text books. Imagine your surprise when the heroine Julia finds herself wrapped in Enrique's embrace and you say, "Who's Enrique? I thought she was having an affair with Fabio!" You can search for the first occurrence of Enrique in the text... Where you will discover the author made a brief mention of Fabio's identical twin, Enrique!

eBooks are incredibly compact... You can travel with ALL the books you can possibly read on your trip. No more deciding what to throw in the suitcase, bring all of them, even "War and Peace."

My mom has become a total eBook convert. The backlit design is fabulous for reading in bed. She no longer wakes up in the middle of the night and ambles across the room to turn off the light after falling asleep reading. Her eBook reader turns itself off.

DPPstore offers free eBooks. So, if you are a first time eReader, you have nothing to lose! Try eReading today!

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