Tuesday, February 14, 2006


We, at DPPstore, hope you have someone special this Valentine's Day. If you do, one very romantic activity is reading to the one you love... eBooks provide excellent mood lighting.

If you don't have a Valentine this year...there is no better way to pamper yourself than picking up something fun to read!

How about the book about the nurse who's personal life and professional life gets to be too much ... sending her on a "mercy" killing rampage? - Medicinal Remedies

Or maybe you're in the mood to read about a but kicking single mother who can do it all... even nail the bad-guys? - Crimson Ice

Or if you're in the mood to be touched - deeply. How about Patrick Stafford's collection of poetry about the Vietnam War - Asian Darkness

For whatever soothes your soul, DPPstore is here for you. We want to meet your needs and make you feel good.

Isin't that a good thing to hear on Valentine's?

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