Thursday, February 09, 2006

Reinventing Reading - Devices and More Devices

eBook efficianados have bountiful choices in devices for eBook reading:

The best known: The Sony eBook Reader will be coming out this spring. Utilizing E-Ink or Electronic-Ink display technology, the product allows the reader to read in direct sunlight (unlike traditional led displays).

Not as well publicized, is the IRex Iliad, also using E-Ink technology. This is set to become available directly to consumers in April, 2006.

Just as the consumer products using E-Ink are coming to the fore-front, the geek realm is previewing the next new thing in electronic viewing. OLED (look for an clear explanation at This incredibly light, thin, clear display can be viewed equally well in sunlight or in the dark, and can even project videos.

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