Wednesday, March 01, 2006

DPP Scores By Keeping It Simple

From a conversation between our C.E.O, Genene Miller Cote, and our newest publisher (who is preparing to distribute through the DPPstore), Gene Grossman ... the following dialogue was relayed to me:

Genene: Do you have any questions about the contract to sell your books at the DPP store?
Mr. Grossman: It seems pretty simple to me. It reminds me of the story of the South American soccer player who came to play in the US. When he was interviewed and asked what he thought of playing soccer in the states, he said the only two English phrases he knew, "Kick Ball. Cash Check."

Mr. Grossman summarized our strategy succinctly... If you want to play ball with us, all you need to know is "Kick Ball. Cash Check."

We will be selling Mr. Grossman's multiple detective stories along with his non-fiction self help title, "Female-to-English Dictionary," which offers men misleading and hilarious interpretations of what women really mean. I will be sure to blog when we get these up on our site for sale!

Check out DPPstore for our new listings added regularly.

If you are interested in the Kick Ball, Cash Check method of making money from your books, visit us at DPPpress.

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