Thursday, March 02, 2006

How do you really feel about it, Catherine?

Celebrate Read An E-book Week from March 5 - 11th. Read an e-book!

The upcoming week is Read an eBook week. Really, my kind of holiday. But I've got to be honest. If it is "Black History Month," I am suddenly less inclined to read books by black authors. Not normally a smoker, I really crave a big fat cigar every time "The Great American Smoke Out" rolls around. When my children's school celebrates "Red Ribbon Week", I feel the sudden urge to get some liquor, a few hookers and hole up in a local motel room. O.k., maybe that one's a bit of an exaggeration... I'd probably stick to one hooker (everything is more expensive with inflation, and some things just can't be expensed).

The point is, these jump-on-the-bandwagon-holidays just offend my American Individualism. I am terminally unique. But even I, synthetic holiday supercrumudgeon, cannot avoid the fact that I will be reading eBooks this week. I don't even want to boycott this holiday. I am more of a hopeless geek than an ingrained anarchist... I really like technology. Especially good technology. I hope that everyone gets a chance to read an eBook, because it's cool! The options offered by ereading DO enhance the experience of the reader; you can search text, you can optimize the font size for your viewing preferences, many devices are backlit allowing you to read in low light, and you can carry hundreds of books in a device the size of a single book!

So, do read an eBook. I really think you'll like it. But I understand if you want to wait until the 12th.


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