Monday, March 06, 2006

eBooks Are Happier Here

Whether you want to buy, sell, or publish eBooks: DPP is the Key.

We have the DPPstore where our customers can find a wide array of eBooks for their ereading wants and needs.

We have DPPpress to bring your eBook to our eBookstore and give you a place to feature and sell your title.

We have Digital Pulp Publishing - the place to publish your book as an eBook!

We offer free conversion services to people who want to create eBooks, and we offer free listing services to people who want to sell eBooks... Visit our publishing site or our press site to find out more.

We offer eBooks for every budget, even FREE eBooks, at the DPPstore. We also offer generous rewards points for every dollar you spend at the DPPstore that can be used toward future purchases... Visit our store site to start shopping now.

WELCOME TO DPP! -- Where books grow up to be eBooks!

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